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JK Flip-Flop
JK Flip-Flop
Circuit Description:
This circuit is a JK flip-flop. It only changes when the clock transitions from high to low. The inputs (labelled J and K) are shown on the left. When J = K = 0, it holds its present state. When J = 1, K = 0, the output is set to high. When J = 0, K = 1, the output is set to low. When J = K = 1, the output is toggled from high to low (or low to high).

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Dinesh said:   10 years ago
A jk flip flop can be considered to be a counter of asynchronous mode with proper cascading connections.

Amina said:   1 decade ago
Design mod-10 up counter using negative edge JK flip flops with active low clear.

Margus said:   1 decade ago
@Shivaraj Try `reset` button for this simulation and you get both outputs on high or low :P

Shivaraj said:   1 decade ago
The j k flip flop is a basic flip flop which has no forbidden condition

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