Circuit Simulator - Inductor

Why should I learn to use the circuit simulator to design Inductor circuits?

Learn how to use circuit simulator software to design your own Inductor circuits.

Where can I get a Inductor circuit diagram with an explanation?

IndiaBIX provides numerous Inductor circuit diagrams with detailed explanations and working principles.

How do I design a Inductor circuit with this circuit simulator?

You can easily design Inductor circuit diagrams by practising with the given circuit simulator. With this online circuit simulator, you can design and simulate your own electronic circuits.

Circuit Description:
This is a simple circuit involving an inductor, which is a device that resists changes in current flow. When the simulator starts up, there is 5V across the inductor, and no current. Over time, the voltage across the inductor decreases, allowing the flow of current to slowly increase until it acts as a closed circuit; current flows freely across it.

Click on the switch to "discharge" the inductor (connecting a resistor across its terminals, which causes the current to go to zero), and then click on it again to reconnect it to the supply voltage.

The scope below the circuit shows the voltage across the inductor in green, and the current in yellow.

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Ajith said:   4 years ago
How do I simulate using this online simulator or is it only for referring circuits?

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