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7-Segment LED Decoder
7-Segment LED Decoder
Circuit Description:
This circuit inputs a 4-digit binary number and outputs a decimal digit 0 to 9 using a 7-segment LED display. If a number larger than 9 is input, then the display is blank.

Thanks to Mateusz Baran for contributing this circuit.

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Bill torbitt said:   1 decade ago
What does the top row of gates do? Don't understand.

Karan arora said:   1 decade ago
@JOhn : It can be possible and it can be implemented using P-MOS and N-MOS together in a circuit i.e. what is called C-MOS. There we can implement Three Terminal NAND GATE . It is a universal gate which is used commonly so can proceed further.

John said:   1 decade ago
Those that take 4 inputs and 3 inputs? How is that possible can a NAND gate take 3 inputs and AND gate 4 inputs?

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