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Which one most appropriate dynamic system?
y(n) + y(n - 1) + y(n + 1)
y(n) + y(n - 1)
y(n) = x(n)
y(n) + y(n - 1) + y(n + 3) = 0
Answer: Option

Because present output of y(n) depend upon past y(n - 1) and future y(n + 1).

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Kish Ardent said:   1 year ago
An appropriate dynamic system is also a memory system. the output is dependent on past and future values. option A does not depend on anything because it has no output. So, we can express it as y(n) = y(n-1) + y(n+1) for it to become an appropriate system.

Devesh Drishti said:   4 years ago
Options A and D both are correct.

The dynamic system means having a memory which is represented by past and future o/p
At given present i/p.

Lavanya said:   5 years ago
I think option B is correct.

Vani said:   5 years ago
Option A doesn't even show the equation of a system, hence option D is the more appropriate answer.

Joshi said:   5 years ago
As option A does not have the proper form of expression, so D must be the correct option.

Vimala said:   6 years ago
Option D is correct because A is not a system.

Swami said:   6 years ago
How system depends on future output? it is unrealizable and option B is correct.

Nnkundan said:   6 years ago
Both A and D is correct. But in above question there is a statement given that "one most appropriate". Now option "a" is more appropriate bcoz y(n) + y(n - 1) + y(n + 1) bcoz this dynamic system contains value of +-1 at the same time. If option "D" is given like y(n) + y(n - 3) + y(n + 3) then there is confusion between A and D. But here there is no confusion.

Apurva said:   6 years ago
In Dynamic systems, output depends on present input as well as past or future inputs.

Chiku said:   6 years ago
Option A& D both are correct because both system satisfied condition of dynamic.

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