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An ac circuit has an impedance of (2 - j 9) Ω for third harmonic. The impedance for fundamental is
6 - j 27 Ω
2 - j 27 Ω
2 - j 3 Ω
Answer: Option


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Iram said:   7 years ago
Xc=-j/wc, Xc=-j/2wc, (Xc=-j/3wc = 9), are respectively three harmonics for capacitance. in third harmonic it has value of 9.

The capacitance value is decreasing with increase in harmonics. for 2nd harmonic, it is (2x9) and for 1st harmonic, it is (3x9=27).

Amruta said:   7 years ago
Yes, Please elaborate it.

Ravi kumar said:   8 years ago
I didn't get this, Please explain it.

Nada said:   8 years ago
I am not understanding this. Explain the solving method clearly.

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