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Most popular IF for receivers tuning to 540 to 1650 kHz is
433 kHz
455 kHz
545 kHz
555 kHz
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Manu said:   3 months ago
Explain the answer in brief.

FrancisDanao said:   4 years ago
Thanks all for explaining.

Prakhar said:   4 years ago
1650-540=1110 and 1110/2 =555khz.

So, the answer is 555khz.

Recio said:   5 years ago
540 to 1650 kHz is the range of an AM, and its IF is 455.

Anom said:   5 years ago
Am Ranges 540 to 1650 khz.

Waleed said:   6 years ago
455 KHZ is a standard value of IF in Am.

Euginia Lugangila said:   7 years ago
Explain it.

Dilles said:   7 years ago
Explain it.

Leelavathi said:   7 years ago
Will you explain in detail?

Nithin said:   9 years ago
Explain this.

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