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In a superheterodyne receiver
the IF stage has better selectivity than RF stage
the RF stage has better selectivity than IF stage
the RF stage has same selectivity than IF stage
none of the above
Answer: Option
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Syam krishnan b said:   6 years ago
In superheterodyne Rxr, IF stage allows only 455 kHz freq (received freq +local oscillator freq. =IF freq). ie IF stage is more selective than Rf stage.

Abhishek pant said:   7 years ago
The superheterodyne receiver changes the rf frequency into an easier to processlower IF- frequency. This IF- frequency will be amplified and demodulated to get a video signal

BAPI said:   7 years ago
IF stage has better selectivity due to 455khz added to received RF signal.

Dvt said:   8 years ago
Why it is option A?

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