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A semiconverter feeding an RLE load operates in

[A]. first quadrant only
[B]. first and second quadrants
[C]. first and fourth quadrants
[D]. first and third quadrants

Answer: Option A


Semiconvertor operates only in first quadrant.

Julie said: (Jan 30, 2016)  
What is RLE?

Patel said: (Feb 18, 2016)  
Its Resistor (R), Inductor (L) and Emf (E) ===> RLE.

Rajesh Malav said: (Apr 19, 2016)  
Good question, it helps me to know the concepts of RLE.

John S said: (Dec 27, 2016)  
The correct option must be C.

Priya said: (Jun 29, 2017)  
It's correct. It operates in only first quadrant.

Asim said: (Jul 10, 2017)  
How? please explain.

Nizam said: (Jan 28, 2018)  
Please explain?

Anonymous said: (Aug 13, 2018)  
Explain how?

Vikramvarma Pathipaka said: (Mar 8, 2019)  
Can anyone explain the details how it is?

Zain said: (Apr 25, 2019)  
Because of its curve diagram.

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