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An electric heater is controlled by thyristors through on-off control. If a = 0.4, the heating is

[A]. 16% maximum
[B]. 40% of maximum
[C]. 60% of maximum
[D]. 84% of maximum

Answer: Option B


Vl = V a. Therefore Vl2 - V2 (a). Heating is proportional to a.

Deepak Kumar said: (Oct 3, 2016)  
Please anyone explain in detail.

Ananya said: (Nov 8, 2016)  
Please tell what is "a" in this explanation.


Anjali Vasisth said: (Mar 16, 2019)  
Please explain this.

Jotaro Kujo said: (Aug 28, 2019)  
I believe "A" here would be the duty cycle of buck converter, where Vo =(√(a))Vs.

Tushar said: (Jan 26, 2020)  
Explain the answer clearly.

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