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In a parallel resonant circuit, the circuit current at resonance is maximum.

[A]. True
[B]. False

Answer: Option B


In parallel resonance current is minimum.

Soorya said: (Apr 25, 2014)  
At resonance the circuit is purely resistive.

Srinivas said: (Nov 23, 2014)  
In parallel resonance voltage is maximum.

Kamal said: (Jan 28, 2015)  
In parallel resonance resistance is maximum as the "Parallel LC tank circuit" acts like an open circuit.

Nitesh Jain said: (Aug 26, 2015)  
In series RLC.


In parallel RLC.

Y=min => R=Max.

Shahnawaz said: (Mar 29, 2016)  
In parallel resonance circuit, the circuit is purely resistive. Hence, the circuit depends on the Voltage source & and Resister.

By Ohms Law, V is directly proportional to the current (I).

At Resonance, the voltage is maximum.

Hence, the current flowing circuit at resonance is MINIMUM.

Revathi said: (Oct 25, 2017)  
In parallel resonance voltage is maximum.

Revathi said: (Oct 25, 2017)  
In parallel resonance voltage is maximum and current is minimum.

Sumanth Lellapalli said: (May 11, 2018)  
In parallel resonance, voltage is maximum.

Bodireddy Pavani said: (Jul 22, 2018)  
Parallel resonance voltage is maximum.

Meera said: (Jul 26, 2018)  
Can anybody explain what is resonance?

Rakesh Chaluvadi said: (Oct 2, 2018)  
Zin=R -----> maximum.
I|w=w0=Vs/R------> minimum.

Ele David Anthony said: (Nov 1, 2018)  
In parallel circuits, the voltage (V) is the same, but there's current division in such circuit as such current is minimum.

Adipto said: (Mar 8, 2019)  
According to Ohm's law V=IR which seems to be a linear relationship.

How can current be minimum when the voltage is maximum?

Durga said: (Apr 30, 2019)  
Resonant circuit means at low impedance an inductor is in series with the capacitor, low impedance meance current flow maximum but when in a parallel circuit vice versa voltge minimum.

Bhanu said: (Jul 20, 2019)  
In parallel resonace circuit voltage is maximum and current is mininum.

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