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In a klystron amplifier the input cavity is called
Pierce gun
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A Klystron is a vacuum tube used for generation/amplification of microwaves.

An electron beam is produced by oxide coated indirectly heated cathode and is focussed and accelerated by focussing electrode.

This beam is transmitted through a glass tube. The input cavity where the beam enters the glass tube is called buncher.

As electrons move ahead they see an accelerating field for half cycle and retarding field for the other half cycle.

Therefore, some electrons are accelerated and some are retarded. This process is called velocity modulation.

The velocity modulation causes bunching of electrons. This bunching effect converts velocity modulation into density modulation of beam.

The input is fed at buncher cavity and output is taken at catcher cavity.

In a two cavity klystron only buncher and catcher cavity are used. In multi cavity klystron one or more intermediate cavities are also used.

The features of a multicavity klystron are :

1. Frequency range - 0.25 GHz to 100 GHz

2. Power output - 10 kW to several hundred kW

3. Power gain - 60 dB (nominal value)

4. Efficiency - about 40%.

A multicavity klystron is used in UHF TV transmitters, Radar transmitter and satellite communication.

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RISHI NIGAM said:   2 years ago
Klystron has two cavities buncher cavity and catcher cavity with buncher cavity having current modulation and catcher cavity having velocity modulation reflex klystron is the new klystron having one cavity operating both the mechanism and now onwards magnetron cross field magnetic and electric field with charge moving in a circle following a helical path on the basis of Faraday left-hand rule because Faraday left-hand rule decides the force on the charge while Faraday right hand rule the current is the new principle of the magnetron.

Ayush kumar said:   6 years ago
Efficiency of Klystron is 58% not 40%.

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