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In a reflex klystron oscillator, repeller electrode is at

[A]. low positive potential
[B]. high positive potential
[C]. negative potential
[D]. zero potential

Answer: Option C


It uses a single cavity resonator for generating microwave oscillations.

Its parts are electron gun, resonator, repeller and output coupling.

It operates on the principle of positive feed back.

The repeller electrode is at negative potential and sends the partially bunched electron beam back to resonator cavity.

This positive feedback supports oscillations. Its feature are:

1. Frequency range - 2 to 100 GHz

2. Power output - 10 MW to about 2 W

3. Efficiency - 10 - 20 %

Its applications include radar receivers, local oscillator in microwave devices, oscillator for microwave measurements in laboratories etc.

Jagdish Hatwar said: (May 30, 2017)  
Power output - 10 MW to about 2 --->THIS IS WRONG.

The correct one is Power output - 10 mW (milliwatt) to about 2 W.

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