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The cut off wavelength in circular waveguide

[A]. guide diameter
[B]. square of guide diameter
[C]. cube of guide diameter
[D]. square root of guide diameter

Answer: Option A


Some applications require dual polarization capability. Circular waveguide has this capability.

These analysis uses cylindrical coordinates.

In circular waveguide TE11 mode has the lowest cut off frequency and is the dominant mode.

If D is diameter of waveguide

λc = 1.706 D for TE11 mode

λc = 1.029 D for TE21 mode

λc = 0.82 D for TE01 mode

λc = 1.306 D for TM01 mode.

Gurpreet said: (Dec 16, 2014)  
fc = c/2a.

a = The large internal dimension of wave guide in meter.

Here frequency/wavelength depends upon dimension of wavelength.

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