Electronics and Communication Engineering - Microprocessors


Expression ++i is equivalent to

A. i = i + 2
B. i = i + 1
C. i = i - 1
D. i = i + i + i

Answer: Option B


i is incremented by 1.


To multiply a number by 8 in 8085 we have to use RAL instruction

A. once
B. twice
C. thrice
D. four times

Answer: Option C


When RAL instruction is used once the number is doubled.


IC (instruction cycle), FC (fetch cycle) and EC (executive cycle) are related as

A. IC = FC - EC
B. IC = FC + EC
C. IC = FC + 2EC
D. EC = IC + EC

Answer: Option B


Instruction cycle consists of fetch and execute cycles.


Which of the following is not a valid variable name in C?

A. 1 a
B. a 1 2
C. a b 123
D. a b c 123

Answer: Option A


First character must be alphabet.


When .4546 E 5 and .5433 E 7 are to be added in normalized floating point mode

A. none of the numbers is changed to any other form
B. .4546 E 5 is changed .004546 E 7 and .5433 E 7 is not changed
C. .5433 E 7 is changed to 54.33 E 5 and .4546 E 5 is not changed
D. both the numbers are changed and their exponents are made equal to 6

Answer: Option B


Exponents are made equal and integer part is made zero.