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The open loop transfer function of a unity feedback system is: The range of K for which the system is stable is
13 > K > 0
-6 < K < ∞
Answer: Option

Apply R-H.

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Zubair said:   3 years ago
Can anybody please explain R H Rules?

Komal mali said:   7 years ago
Characteristic eq. is 1+g (s).h (s).

1+k/s (s^2+s+2)(s+3).1.
Characteristic eq. is s^4+4s^3+5s^2+6s+k.
Apply R.H.Rule.

k <21/4.

Venaktesan said:   7 years ago
Kindly explain it briefly.

Shivani muthekar said:   10 years ago
I want to step by step answer for checking my step is right or wrong.

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