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In the following non planar graph number of independent loop equations are
Answer: Option

Number of independent loop equations are given by,

L = B - N + 1

where L : No. of loop equations

B : No. of branches = 12

N : No. of nodes = 8

L = 12 - 8 + 1 = 5.

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K Nireekshan said:   3 years ago
Loop =number of branches - number of nodes +1.

* branch means individual circuit line (having capacitor or resister or inductor) in it.
* node means junction of three branches at a point is known as a node.

In the above-given figure there are 11 branches are there and 7 nodes are there so for we know the formula for "loop" Is L=B-n+1.
So, L=11-7+1,

Sandy said:   5 years ago
Can someone please explain it in detail?

MOHAN said:   6 years ago
No of lines connected between 2 points or nodes having minimum of one element (r, l, c).

Nikhil kumar said:   6 years ago
How the number of branches is 12, can anybody explain?

Lakshmi durga said:   7 years ago
Planar graph that can be drawn without edges that intersects within a plane.

Non planar graph that cannot be drawn without edges that intersects within a plane.

Achu said:   7 years ago
Can anyone explain what is meant by planar and non planar graph?

Jayasudha said:   8 years ago
This answer explanation is good and also say some different concept.

Amarjeet said:   9 years ago

A point or junction where two or more circuit's elements (resistor, capacitor, inductor etc) meet is called Node.


That part or section of circuit which locate between two junctions is called branch. In branch, one or more elements can be connected and they have two terminals.


A closed path in circuit where more than two meshes can be occurred is called loop i.e. there may be many meshes in a loop, but a mesh does not contain on one loop.


A closed loop which contains no other loop within it or a path which does not contain on other paths is called Mesh.

Saravana said:   9 years ago
I don't know which is node and branches so explain thus concept.

JITEN said:   9 years ago
Explain please.

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