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A transmission line is feeding 1 watt of power to a horn antenna having a gain of 10 dB. The antenna is matched to the transmission line. The total power radiated by the horn antenna into the free space is
10 watt
1 watt
0.1 watt
0.01 watt
Answer: Option

Pradiated = Gain of Antenna x Input power = G.I

10 log1010 . 1 10 watt.

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RISHI NIGAM said:   10 months ago

First, if the line is matched means no reflection directly found output power by gain dB given to you.

So, first of all, always see if the line is matched or not because the unmatched line has reflection. Then we have to take that into effect.

Er ankur said:   6 years ago
The gain of the directive antenna is a directive gain that is different from that of the amplifier. It radiates.

Same power so 1 w.

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