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A multilevel decoder is more costly as compared to single level decoder.
Answer: Option

A multi level decoder may be cheaper than single level decoder.

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RISHI NIGAM said:   2 years ago
Yes, here a very important concept comes into action that if all gates come in the line we represent it as one level and no of perpendicular lines you draw till your output comes.

So we call it multilevel so obvious multilevel means a large no of gates so more cost.

Elayakavi said:   3 years ago
Explain the answer.

NAGARAJAN said:   3 years ago
A is the correct answer.

Ajay said:   6 years ago
I also think B is the answer.

Ravi said:   6 years ago
I think B is the answer.

Sempai said:   9 years ago
So what is the answer? cheaper or more costly.

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