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For the truth table of the given figure Y =

[A]. A + B + C
[B]. A + BC
[C]. A
[D]. B

Answer: Option D


Y = A B C + A B C + AB C + A B C = A B (C + C) + A B (C + C) = A B + AB = B(A + A) = B.

Y.Madhu said: (Sep 11, 2016)  
Explain briefly.

Gaurang said: (Sep 24, 2016)  
Draw a 3 variable K-map for output Y and simplify it, you will get an answer.

Mohammed Umar said: (Dec 13, 2017)  
I don't get this. Please explain.

Badhshah said: (Jan 7, 2018)  
For this, the process is too long.

So by substituting those values in options you will get the answer.

Sindhu said: (Jun 28, 2018)  
I didn't get this. Please help me by explaining the solution.

Dhanya said: (Jul 30, 2018)  
The correct answer is option C.

Aditya said: (Aug 20, 2018)  
Explane it please.

Rupinder Kaur said: (Dec 10, 2018)  
Answer is option D. Please draw k-map of three variables having 8 boxes. AB on one side and C on another side. AB varies 00, 01, 10, 11 and C varies 0, 1. Put values acc to table given of Y=1 in 0, 1, 6 and 7 number box.

AB changes from 00 to 10 so discard A because it changes from 0 to 1. Keep B bar because it remains same. In another side C changes from 0 to 1, so discard it also.

The answer is bar B because it has no change in it.

Tshering Dorji said: (Jan 1, 2021)  
@Rupinder Kaur.

Can you work it out in detail?

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