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127416 - 3A716 = __________ .

[A]. ACA16
[B]. ACB16
[C]. ECD16
[D]. AAA16

Answer: Option C


Convert to decimal, subtract and change the result to hexadecimal.

Abhay said: (Aug 9, 2014)  
SIMPLE METHOD: Let subtract A2 minus 1E.
(IN decimal system, if unit place of smaller number is greater than unit place of greater number we call for carry 1 which is added as 10 to next number).


In hexa system we call for carry 1 which is added as 16 to the next number.
Here 2 is smaller than E, so call carry, 16 will be added to 2 equal 18, minus E(14) equals 2(unit place) now A(10) will be reduced by 1(due to carry transfer)which is equal 9 minus 1 make it 8(tense place).

HENCE the answer will be 82.

Harshi said: (May 18, 2021)  
Firstly, change the given numbers into decimal.
Then (1274)base16=(4724)base10 and (3A7)base16=(935)base10..
After subtract 935 from 4724.
Then 4724 - 935=3789.
Now, change 3789 into hexadecimal.
We get,(ECD)base16.

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