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2's complement of binary number 0101 is
Answer: Option

1's complement of 0101 is 1010 and 2's complement is 1010+1 = 1011.

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Bodipalh said:   3 years ago
Here is the Trick to find 2's complement.

Write the number as it is until you find the "one" after the one apply one's complement.

Example 1:
The number is 11010101 we need to find the 2's complement so find the (Start on left side) in this number the first number is one so write as it is after the one we will apply one's complement.

Ans: 00101011 this is the 2's complement.

Another example;
11010100 here the first number is zero write as it is until you find one after one apply one's complement.

00101100 This is the 2's complement of this number.

Palaniappan said:   3 years ago
1's complement is nothing but change all bit invert.

For example 1'complement of 1 is 0,1'complement of 0 is 1

Here 1'complement of 0101 is 1010.

2'complement is nothing but add 1 with 1'complement.

1010 + 1 = 1011.

Krishna said:   4 years ago
What is 2's complement? Explain please.

Harika said:   4 years ago
Answer: A.
2's complement = 1's complement+1.
1's complement means take the complement of given data.like given data is 0101 = 1010.
Next 1 should be added to that complement.


So option A correct.

Sowmya said:   6 years ago

1's complement is 1010.
Add 1 to 1's complement is called 2's complement.

Anusha said:   7 years ago
We have to follow 2 steps to find out the 2's complement.
1.find out 1's complement for the given num.
(0's becomes 1's and 1's become 0's)
2.Add 1 to the result of 1's complement.
So,(1) 1's complement of 0101 becomes 1010.
(2)add 1 to this result,

1010(1's complement)
1 (adding of 1)
1011. (2's complement).
It is the final answer..

Vishdinho said:   7 years ago

Put complement one time for every bit (replace 0 by 1 and 1 by 0).

That means 1's complement of 0101 is 1010.

Bharathy said:   8 years ago
How to find 1's complement? please help me.

Sangeetha.p said:   10 years ago
2's complement means last number is subtract by 2 then the other numbers are subtracted by 1.

1. Take 1's complement.
2. And add 1 with that 1's complement answer.

Amogh said:   1 decade ago
2's complement = 1's complement + 1.

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