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A modem is classified as low speed if data rate handled is

[A]. upto 100 bps
[B]. upto 250 bps
[C]. upto 400 bps
[D]. upto 600 bps

Answer: Option D


When data rate in bits per second is upto 600, modem is low speed.

Nandhini said: (Apr 6, 2016)  
How is it possible? If a bps low means only the modem is said to be slow?

I didn't clear with this question.

Saumitra said: (May 20, 2016)  
The bps means bits per second. In particular time, the data will be allocated(transfer) more data more speed and less data less speed.

They are fixed some ranges for low middle and high-speed modem therefore, this 1 (up to 600) is of low speed(max 600-bit transfer at a fixed time).

Rahul Maurya said: (Aug 24, 2016)  
As per question it is not asked that which one gives "lowest speed ". And if we go throgh the option, all options contain low speed then we can conclude that upto 600kbps also the data rate will be very slow. So it can be taken as best option among all, otherwise option (A) also correct but option (D) will be best appropriate answer as per given question. So option (D) is correct.

Satish said: (Aug 12, 2018)  
A modem is classified as low speed if data rate handled is defined in 3 ways:

1. Low speed " up to 600bps.
2. Medium speed - 600-2400bps.
3. High speed " 2400 - 10800bps.

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