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A cordless telephone using separate frequencies for transmission in base and portable units is known as

[A]. duplex arrangement
[B]. half duplex arrangement
[C]. either (a) or (b)
[D]. neither (a) nor (b)

Answer: Option A


Separate frequencies for transmission from base and portable units allows two way transmission and is called duplex arrangement.

Ritesh said: (Mar 24, 2015)  
Why duplex?

Kuldeep Singh said: (Sep 18, 2015)  
Duplex arrangement is correct answer.

Arindam said: (Sep 25, 2015)  
Half duplex also be correct.

Yasmin said: (Dec 17, 2015)  
Duplex means two way communication.

Sunil Uniyal said: (Feb 12, 2016)  
Duplex system is a write answer because diplex is a two way transmission for example mobile system.

Kiran said: (Sep 27, 2016)  
What is half duplex?

Rohit said: (Oct 22, 2016)  
In half-duplex, at a time only transmission or reception of the signal is possible.

Faizan said: (Nov 5, 2016)  
SIMPLEX: One-way communication.

HALF-DUPLEX: Two-way communication but have the same channel for transmission and reception which means at a time only we can transmit or receive. E. G walky-talky.

FULL-DUPLEX: Two-way communication but a separate channel for transmission or reception which means one can talk simultaneously at a time. E. G Mobile phone.

Tutin said: (Nov 24, 2016)  
Good and clear explanation @Faizan.

Dinesh Koli said: (Feb 20, 2017)  
It is Half duplex.

Maria Sheeba said: (Apr 5, 2017)  
Duplex is the right answer, because it means the two way communication.

Yamini said: (Aug 15, 2017)  
Thank you all.

Sooraj Kn said: (Jun 9, 2018)  
Simplex bidirectional: ans.
FullDuplex at a time it communicate one direction.
Half duplex unidirectional.

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