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A woofer should be fed from the input through a

[A]. low pass filter
[B]. high pass filter
[C]. band pass filter
[D]. band stop filter

Answer: Option A


Woofer is a low frequency loud speaker covering the range 16 Hz to 500 Hz.

Poorani said: (Sep 4, 2014)  
In wikipedia woofer manual has limit is between 40 hz to kilohertz here it is different.

Sibi Kumar said: (Oct 28, 2015)  
Mostly songs have Frequency under 100 HZ. So low pass filter is the perfect fit.

Madhavan said: (Sep 9, 2017)  
You are giving band limit for particular range why can't band pass is not correct?

Mithun said: (Nov 29, 2017)  
The woofer is for larger sounds it should attenuate Lower signal why not it is high pass?

Abhishek Dinavahi said: (Feb 7, 2018)  
Low frequency components are integral part of live sound for most modern music. So, I/p to woofers are fed through an LPF to justify and allow low-frequency components to pass i.e preserve the music quality. Woofers along with LPF are also fitted with HPF.

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