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Assertion (A): The steady state response, of a stable, linear, time invariant system, to sinusoidal input depends on initial conditions.

Reason (R): Frequency response, in steady state, is obtained by replacing s in the transfer function by jω

Both A and R are correct and R is correct explanation of A
Both A and R are correct but R is not correct explanation of A
A is correct but R is wrong
R is correct but A is wrong
Answer: Option

Steady state response does not depend on initial conditions.

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Santosh Gupta said:   2 years ago
It depends on the final condition.

Aniket Parashar said:   5 years ago
The transient response means the system goes from initial state to final state but in the case of steady state response means the system output behaves when t approaches to infinity.

Sathish said:   5 years ago
Why? Can anyone explain me?

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