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When a unit step voltage drives a lag network the output
remains constant at unit step value
increases exponentially from zero to final value
decreases exponentially from 1 to 0
either (b) of (c) depending on values of R and C
Answer: Option

At t = 0 the capacitor behaves as a short-circuit and output voltage is 0. At t = ∞ capacitor behaves as an open-circuit and V0 = Vi.

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INDRAJEET KUMAR said:   5 years ago
Lag network means? Please explain.

James said:   5 years ago
Because lag network have R and C.

The capacitor at t=o will be short and at t= infinity will become battery means an open circuit. Exponentially function describe this nature of capacitor for the lag network.

Dwivedi said:   7 years ago
Xc = 1/jwc which will give negative lagging phase.

Noufal said:   7 years ago
Please explain it.

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