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For the given figure, time constant RC = t. Then
t2s2 + 2ts + 1
ts2 + 1
Answer: Option


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Bert said:   8 months ago
I agree with you @Rohit.

Rohit said:   3 years ago
I think the answer is wrong. The correct answer should be.
1/ (s*2t*2+3st+1).
I mean to say coefficient of s should be 3t not 2t.
Please verify your answer to update it correctly.

Srk said:   6 years ago
Suppose there is only 1 resistor and 1 capacitor in series then transfer function Will be 1/t+s so for 2 more in series is becomes square i.e 1/t + s * t + s.

Ankit said:   7 years ago
How is it possible? I think the answer is (ts^2 + 1).

Avi said:   7 years ago
How the transfer function generated?

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