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The compensator of the given figure is a
lag compensator
lead compensator
lag-lead compensator
none of the above
Answer: Option

Obtain transfer function.

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Mohd Saddam said:   5 years ago
Get the required transfer function with help of voltage divider rule by replacing a capacitor with xC. After calculating the e0/ei, calculate the phase of this overall transfer function.

If the phase is positive then it will be lead compensator and of it is negative then it will be lag compensator.

In this particular case calculating the value of phase will give you a positive value which means it is lead compensator.

G.ranesh said:   6 years ago
Anyone provide the explanation.

Sushant said:   6 years ago
Please, anybody explain it.

Sona said:   7 years ago
How? Please explain it.

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