Electronics and Communication Engineering - Automatic Control Systems

For the given figure C(s)/R(s)
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A stepper motor is
a two phase induction motor
is a kind of rotating amplifier
is an electromagnetic transducer used to convert an angular position of shaft into electrical signal
is an electromechanical device which actuates a train of step angular movements in response to a train of input pulses on one to one basis
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When input pulses are applied, the motor moves in steps.

In a two phase ac servomotor rotor resistance is R and rotor reactance is X. The speed curve will be linear if
X2 = R
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In a two phase servomotor ∠ < 1 so that torque speed curve is almost linear.

In the given figure, the input frequency is such that R = XC. Then
v0 lags vi by 45°
v0 lags vi by 90°
v0 leads vi by 45°
v0 leads vi by 90°
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R = XC, voltage drops across R and XC are equal and at 90° with respect by each other. V0 lags Vi by 45°.

From the noise point of view, bandwidth should
be large
not be too large
should be as large as possible
should be infinite
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If noise is to be eliminated, bandwidth cannot be large.