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An ideal diode presents a(n) ________ when reversed-biased and a(n) ________ when forward-biased.
open, short
short, open
open, open
short, short
Answer: Option
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Mani kaur said:   8 years ago
Yes, In reversed bias it will be open & in forward bias its circuit is short.

Kriti said:   1 decade ago
Ideal diode behaves as open circuit in rev bias and short circuit in fwd bias condition.

Pritesh said:   1 decade ago
Because diode perform the switching operation. As when it is in forward biased, it work as a open switch and when diode is in forward biased it work as a close switch.

So its operation should be like an ideal switch.

Basha said:   1 decade ago
Hi dude please find the below statement you will find answer:

An ideal diode presents "an" open when reverse biased and "a" short when forward biased.

Prithvi said:   1 decade ago
What is 'a (n) '?

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