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Under normal conditions a diode conducts current when it is
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Ramya said:   6 years ago

Please explain one more I didn't understand. Because of reverse bias it increases minority carriers n it will over come the barrier potential and destroyed the PN junction is it correct.

Brou-Kofie Joseph said:   7 years ago
Diodes conduct current under forward bias because in forward bias the cathode of the diode is connected to negative terminal of a current supply source whiles the anode is also connected to the positive terminal of that source. So in this case electrons in the n side are excited across the PN junction leading into the p side where the combine with the holes. As the electrons combine with the holes, light photons are emitted.

And for diodes if the current is small diode does not work but if the current is more diode works and it the current is too much diode blows.

Niya said:   10 years ago
When diode is forward bias the depletion layer is vanished & holes & electrons combine at the junction therefore there are will be a current from p to n direction.

Neha said:   10 years ago
In avalanche condition, the electron has to overcome the potential barrier between bands to start conduct, that means more minority carriers are required to overcome this energy gap.

In saturated conditions, even on increasing the conduction electrons (increasing applied voltage) it remains constant. It doesn't increase.

So, there are some limiting values for the flow of current unlike forward bias condition.

HARSHIL SHAH said:   1 decade ago
What means Avalanched and saturated conditions?

Venu kumar said:   1 decade ago
If we see the internal connection of the diode there will be a resistor in forward direction it will be less so it will conducts that means short and in case of reverse bias there will be infinite resistance so it does not conduct that means open.

Ragavan said:   1 decade ago
What happens in Avalanched and saturated condition could anyone tell me ?

Sowjanya said:   1 decade ago
Electrons are attracted by the positive terminal &holes are attracted by negative terminal so conductivity is more in forward bias.

Suganya said:   1 decade ago
Because, during forward bias diode will act as a short circuit line. So that it can conduct current but in one direction. In reverse bias diode takes open circuit. There is no conduction of current.

Mohana ragadeepthi said:   1 decade ago
Normal working condition of diode is nothing but the forward bias condition and the diode conducts in forward bias condition.

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