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Which statement best describes an insulator?
A material with many free electrons.
A material doped to have some free electrons.
A material with few free electrons.
No description fits.
Answer: Option
No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Narendra kumar k said:   1 decade ago
Due to the presence of free electrons conduction takes place. Since insulator is a material which does not conduct electricity, we can conclude that, insulator doesn't have free electrons or it has very few free electrons.

Santhoshnaini said:   1 decade ago
Actually its no, because its have no electrons.

Naveenraja said:   1 decade ago
There are very few free electrons in an insulator, because valence electrons are tightly bound to the atoms.

Ex: wood, glass, and diamond.

Basha said:   1 decade ago
I will support naveen statement.
Every insulator is a conductor. For example, for Conductors Energy gap Eg <0.5 , for semiconductors Eg=1.00 for Insulators Eg is too large .If you give the potential value > Eg value for insulator then it acts as conductor.

So option C is correct.

Anshuma said:   1 decade ago
But practically it is not possible @basha, if it is possible describe how?

Epm said:   1 decade ago
If the number valance electron in an atom for conductor 1/2/3/that material is called as conductor since semiconductor 4 insulator 5/6/7/ thjat material is called as insulator.

Kalai said:   1 decade ago
Insulators does not allow flow of electricity. It has no free electrons. I think a described c answer is wrong.

Ganesh said:   1 decade ago
Generally the conductivity is completely depends on the concentration of the free electrons so insulator has no free electrons. And also the carbon material that is diamond is a insulator because of it has a strongly bonded with neighbourhood four electrons so it has no free electrons in diamond. So this is the one of the example for the insulator.

Deepti dhuriya said:   9 years ago
Yes insulator have no free electron. Then how option C is right? It must be D.

Kallappa said:   8 years ago
Insulator has some free Electrons.

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