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You have an unknown type of diode in a circuit. You measure the voltage across it and find it to be 0.3 V. The diode might be
a silicon diode.
a germanium diode.
a forward-biased silicon diode.
a reverse-biased germanium diode.
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Kanhaiya said:   9 years ago
How it can be a reverse biased?

Saumya said:   1 decade ago
Silicon diode starts conduct on 0.7v. That is the threshold voltage.

Mahesh said:   1 decade ago
For Germanium, voltage drop is at 0.3V & for Silicon its about 0.7V.

Bharat said:   1 decade ago
A germanium diode drop accross it 0.3v.

And a silicion diode drop 0.7V.

Arindam said:   1 decade ago
In semiconductor uses, such as diodes and transistors, the forward voltage drop for Silicon (Si) is a little less than 0.7 volts, while the FVD for Germanium (Ge) is about 0.3 volts.

Nilesh agarwal said:   1 decade ago
0.3v is the threshold voltage of germanium materia after which it conducts

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