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Refer to this figure. Find the value of VD.

20 V
11 V
10 V
9 V
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Srawan said:   3 years ago

Can you explain, that in 0.3 Vp how it became I'd = Idss/2?

Dev said:   6 years ago
Id=Idss /2 is only possible when Vgs=0.3Vp.

Kris said:   6 years ago
First, you can see the symbol that its clearly a n-type JFEt. Second, At Vgs equal to zero, Id is Idss. Not Idss/2.

Tinsot said:   6 years ago
The circuit shown is a zero biased amplifier therefore VGS is zero. This is a D MOSFET I think. At Vgs equals to zero, Id=Idss/2.

Baby electron said:   7 years ago
Thank you all for explaining the problem.

Nandu said:   8 years ago
It was get by using py model or hybrid model.

id = gm*vgs.

Vgs = idss*(i/p resistance).

Titir said:   9 years ago
I also have doubt regarding this answer.

Yamini said:   10 years ago
How can say that ID=ISS/2? Here VGS or VP is not mentioned.

Shahid said:   10 years ago
ID = IDSS/2 = 10mA/2 = 5mA.

VD = 20-(5)(2.2).
VD = 20-11.

VD = 9.

Shripada said:   1 decade ago
I didn't get how this answer came? explain me.

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