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Materials with lots of free electrons are called
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KARAN said:   9 years ago
What is filter?

Bishal seth said:   9 years ago
Which is easily passes flow of electron is called conductor?

Vishal Nakrani. said:   9 years ago
Semi conductor is the conductor which isn't easily passed electron.

And insulator is never passed electron.

Sharun said:   10 years ago
What is semiconductors, insulators, filters?

SRITHAR EEE said:   10 years ago
In this my point view the conductor means free of electrons to move one place to another place is know as conductors.

Vaitheeswaran said:   10 years ago
A good conductor should have the more electrons to transmit a current.

P. Paul Ebenezer said:   10 years ago
The material which has more than 4 valence electron is called a conductor.

Arif said:   1 decade ago
Though conductors have low resistance so they can conduct electricity we can say that conductors have free electrons.

Prashant singh said:   1 decade ago
More free of electrons means means more flow and flow occurs at conductors only while partial in semi conductors.

PRINCE said:   1 decade ago
Basically current is rate of flow of charges or electrons and conductors are those in which current flow so conductor is a material with lot of free electrons.

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