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Materials with lots of free electrons are called
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Deepak said:   1 decade ago
Conductor means, it is a substance which easily flow of electricity.

Rachit.Shah said:   1 decade ago
Conductor has more free electrons and the energy gap between conduction and valence band is less so free electron easily goes to conductance band so.

Afzal said:   1 decade ago
In an atom the free electrons are present at outermost orbit.It can easily flow from one atom to another by applying voltage. So it is called as conductor.

Surajit said:   1 decade ago
Every conductor has many free electrons for which they can conduct electricity.

Anand said:   1 decade ago
Thanks cheeku

Cheeku said:   1 decade ago
Conductors have more free electrons that are not aligned, once the voltage is applied they start conducting, but semiconductors don conducts til the threshold voltage is overcome. So conductors have more free electrons than others.

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