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A smaller-value load resistor will cause the output voltage to change more than a larger-value one.
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Paulyn said:   2 years ago
A smaller resistance value will cause a smaller voltage drop, therefore voltage is increased.

Neha said:   8 years ago
I didn't understand. Please tell me clearly.

Nishant said:   8 years ago
If the load is less i.e. resistance is less.

Hence, current also decreases which will increase the output voltage.

Dibyendu Laha said:   9 years ago
According to ohms law V = IR. So, load is directly proportional to voltage.

v1/v2 = r1/r2 if r1 > r2 then v1 > v2. If I constant.

Kalai said:   9 years ago
Voltage is inversely propositional to load.

Boju sreelatha said:   9 years ago
Load is inversely proportional to voltage.

Parneet kaur said:   9 years ago
Can anybody explain me why option A is correct?

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