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A 90 resistor, a coil with 30 of reactance, and a capacitor with 50 of reactance are in series across a 12 V ac source. The current through the resistor is
9 mA
90 mA
13 mA
130 mA
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Amol said:   4 years ago
Correct @Pravin.

As the value of Xc is greater, we must subtract XL from Xc.

Simon said:   6 years ago
Z= √ (R^2+(XL~XC)^2),
i = v/Z.

Shafi said:   6 years ago

In question, directly reactance values are given no need to calculate.

Shafi said:   6 years ago

Formula changes depending on values of XL and XC. Here XC is greater than XL so in formulae we have to take (XC-XL) and vice versa if XL is greater.

Usharani said:   6 years ago
In this question itself directly XL and XC given.

Puja said:   6 years ago

But here it is not mentioned that it is a resonant circuit.

Pruthvi said:   6 years ago
Your answer was match but you are not taken the XL & XC properly i.e XL= WL & XC = 1/wc and they are not given the value of w.

Praveen said:   1 decade ago
So.. R is nothing but Z (R=Z)
Z=sqrrt(R^2+( xl-xc)) OR (R^2+(xc-xl))

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