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The power factor (PF) indicates how much of the apparent power is true power.

[A]. True
[B]. False

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Ponrajan said: (Mar 11, 2012)  
Please give the explanation.

Harika Gadde said: (Dec 21, 2012)  
ie., PF indicates how much apparent power is real power(true power) not reactive power

Shravan Hosamani said: (Jun 20, 2015)  
Power factor, cos phi = R/Z.

R - Resistance.
Z - Impedance.

R gives true power and Z gives the apparent power.

Where Z = R + I (XL - XC).

P Venkateswara Reddy said: (Aug 25, 2015)  
Power factor defined as cosine angle between voltage and current. Same like it also defined p/s. Where p is real power and s is apparent power.

Sushma said: (Jul 4, 2019)  
Powerfactor = true power/apparent power hence answer is correct.

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