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A 2 mH, a 3.3 mH, and a 0.2 mH inductor are connected in series. The total inductance is
55 mH
less than 0.2 mH
less than 5.5 mH
5.5 mH
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Ahtsham said:   7 years ago
But I got the answer as 5.7.

David Ikechi said:   9 years ago
What is the difference from inductance in series and parallel?

Chezhian vs said:   9 years ago
Resultant inductance will be sum of all inductance if mutual inductance between them are zero.

Veeresh Bantroth said:   9 years ago
Inductance have similar activity of resistor, because are is opposes the current & also inductance opposes the sudden change of current so when the inductors are connected in series, then the result is sum of individual inductors so answer is D.

Thatikonda Prasad said:   1 decade ago
If capacitors are connected in parallel what will be the answer?

Umesh said:   1 decade ago
If they are connected in parallel their resultant is same as that of resistance.

Abhilash said:   1 decade ago
What will the resultant?

If they are connected in parallel?

Bala said:   1 decade ago
It is same like resistors in series R=r1+r2+r3.

Vickyijjada said:   1 decade ago
When inductors are connected in series the resultant will be sum of three inductors.

Ali Alrushoud said:   1 decade ago
Total inductance in series = L1+L2+L3
2 + 3.3 + 0.2 = 5.5 mH

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