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Energy is equal to power multiplied by voltage.
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Aizaz haider said:   4 years ago
Watts = jules/seconds.

Power is defined as "power= rate of change of energy".

Vikas said:   6 years ago
Here e = p * t.

Sobha gonna said:   7 years ago
Power = energy/ time.
Energy = power * time.

Jagadesh said:   8 years ago
Energy = Power * Time.

Suri Taak said:   9 years ago
Energy = Power*Time not multiply by voltage.

P = VI.
P = (V^2)/R.
P = (I^2)*R.

Praveen said:   1 decade ago
Energy is equal to power multiplied by time.

Raj said:   1 decade ago
Can any one explain?

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