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A given power supply is capable of providing 6 A for 3.5 h. Its ampere-hour rating is
0.58 Ah
2.1 Ah
21 Ah
58 Ah
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Riya said:   10 months ago
The Formula for the Ampere rating of a battery is calculated as Ah = Ampere x hours = 6*3.5 = 21 Ah.

Tapas Khan said:   1 year ago
IH = IT.

Where Ih Means that Ampere Hours
And IT for;

I = Ampere used (6).
T = Time used for(3.5).
Ih = 6 * 3.5.
Ih = 21ah.

Atheer said:   5 years ago
AH means the ampere provided during an hour.

How does the answer 21 be correct?

Charla said:   6 years ago
It should be 6AX3.5hr+22Ah.

Tapan said:   7 years ago
6A*3.5hr = 22Ah.

Fiords said:   7 years ago
I Agree with you @Vigilant, but 21 remains the best option.

M. faheem said:   10 years ago

We have tubular battery 2V/320AH (60) NOS. Batteries bank totally 127V connected to generator system. So this battery very old we searching the markets same not avialible we found same battery.

But 2V/350AH available. Kindly give me advised we can by use 350AH BATTERY.


Rathi said:   10 years ago

Yes, of course Ah means current deliver for one hour.

But, In Question said if we take 6A from a battery it will dry after 3.5 hours.


If we take 21A from that battery it will dry in one hour.

AJITH KUMAR said:   10 years ago
Guys. See the unit of Ampere and Hour.

So calculate formula (A*H) = 6*3.5 = 21Ah.

Madhu said:   10 years ago
Here 6A for 3.5h ; but Ah means current deliver for one hour.

How it is possible?

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