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Referring to the given circuit, the voltage and current for the load resistor, RL, is

[A]. 450 mV, 4.5 mA
[B]. 4.50 V, 45 mA
[C]. 4.50 V, 4.5 mA
[D]. 450 mV, 45 mA

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Vinod said: (Sep 3, 2011)  
Anyone give me an explanation for this one.

Abiodun said: (Aug 24, 2012)  
You can solve this by assigning three loop currents into the 3 visible loops and solving the resultant equations for the currents. Then the voltage through the load resistor can be found.

Ashu said: (Jun 22, 2015)  
In a simple way use R = V/I and validate with options as 4.5/4.5*10^-3 =1K. So option C is correct.

Amol said: (Dec 7, 2016)  
Right @Ashu.

Kayathri said: (Jun 20, 2017)  
Explain it clearly.

Alexo said: (Oct 16, 2017)  
Nice one @Ashu.

Mani said: (Dec 7, 2017)  
Thank you all.

Mahmoud Ahmed Mohmed said: (Dec 23, 2019)  
For the Thevenin equivalent circuit for the network external to branch.

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