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What is the current through R2?

3.19 A
319 mA
1.73 A
173 mA
Answer: Option
No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Samyu said:   1 decade ago
Apply nodal analysis find voltage Va then by applying ohms law.

Harpreet said:   1 decade ago
Simply apply node base analysis and solve it by KCL Law.

Jaywonder said:   6 years ago
Can anyone find the answer using Thevenin's theorem?

Ooops said:   1 decade ago
Isn't there any simple way to solve that porblem.

Umair said:   7 years ago

How you got that 30096? Explain.

Kavan Rathod said:   8 years ago
Simple apply node analysis and solve it.

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