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What is the current through R2?

3.19 A
319 mA
1.73 A
173 mA
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Siddhartha said:   1 decade ago
Applying kvl to the circuit,

On solving above expression we get 5.171v.

Current at R2= 5.17/30=0.172 amps.
172 milli amps.

Ashish singhal said:   1 decade ago
By appling mesh analysis

15=68i'+ 30(i'-i")

Now at second battery


After calculation

i"= -.028

So total current in 30 ohm resistance

i' - i"

0.145 - (-0.028)

= 0.173 A or

= 173 mA.

Rita J said:   1 decade ago
Applying kcl at node A and taking node B as refrence:




Ooops said:   1 decade ago
Isn't there any simple way to solve that porblem.

Samyu said:   1 decade ago
Apply nodal analysis find voltage Va then by applying ohms law.

Harpreet said:   1 decade ago
Simply apply node base analysis and solve it by KCL Law.

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