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Using the mesh current method, find the branch current, IR1, in the above figure.

115 mA
12.5 mA
12.5 A
135 mA
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Karthik Netha said:   2 years ago
Agree, thanks @Dipen.

Dipen said:   6 years ago
Using mesh law.

As we have two mesh,
from first mesh:
from 2nd mesh,
Solving these two we get;

Prakashsb said:   6 years ago
How to solve this? Please tell me clearly.

Vijay said:   6 years ago
See they give mesh current but you solved nodal method how it's possible?

Subrotokumar said:   7 years ago
Thanks @Dilip.

Hassan said:   8 years ago
I solve the equation and the IR1 = 0.315 is that right?

Manju said:   8 years ago
Please explain it.

FAHAD said:   1 decade ago
Nodal equation.

For I1.

68I1+ (I1-I2) 37= 12V.

F0r I2.

90I2 + (I2-I1) 37= 4.

Solve these two equation simultaneously.

Dilip said:   1 decade ago
Nodal eqn=>((va-12)/68)+(va/37)+((Va-4)/90)=0
= (12-4.18)/68

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