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In assigning the direction of branch currents,
the directions are critical
the directions are not critical
they must point into a node
they must point out of a node
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Utsav said:   3 years ago
I think it is option D.

D.Jyothi said:   5 years ago
Whether the current flows toward the node or away from the node. If it is towards the node we take +ve, if away from the node it is-ve. So option C and D also correct.

D.Jyothi said:   5 years ago
While doing the calculation in branch current, it is important to observe, whether the current flows towards the node or not. So option C and D also correct.

Sonu Panwar said:   6 years ago
Current are always from node take out going from node.

Swapna said:   8 years ago
Those are loop currents branch currents must be away from the node.

James Addo said:   9 years ago
The direction of current is not critical because I may choose clockwise direction, someone may choose anti-clockwise direction.

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