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If the peak of a sine wave is 13 V, the peak-to-peak value is

[A]. 6.5 V
[B]. 13 V
[C]. 26 V
[D]. none of the above

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Yanusha said: (Sep 22, 2011)  
Peak to peak voltage = 2Vp

Eswar said: (Jan 22, 2014)  
Peak-to-peak (pk-pk) is the difference between the maximum positive and the maximum negative amplitudes of a waveform, as shown below. If there is no direct current (DC) component in an alternating current (AC) wave, then the pk-pk amplitude is twice the peak amplitude.

Naveed Mengal said: (Dec 23, 2015)  
Peak to peak.

Peak value multiply into 2.

Result is 26v.

Marshall said: (Feb 13, 2016)  
Positive peak is 13v, negative peak is 13v also 13v.

Peak to peak = Positive peak + Negative peak = 13 v + 13 v = 26 v amplitude.

Milan Mondal said: (Aug 2, 2017)  
Peak to peak means= 2 * peak value.
= 2*13,
= 26 v.

Anirudhha said: (Dec 26, 2019)  
peak to peak means=2*peak valve.
= 2*13.
= 26v.

Neeraj Kumar said: (May 31, 2020)  
Thanks all for explaining the answer.

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