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The special function registers are maintained in the next 128 locations after the general-purpose data storage and stack.

[A]. True
[B]. False

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Pardhu said: (Sep 15, 2011)  
Can anyone explain this answer? Please.

Amit said: (Sep 19, 2011)  
Yes because it has to capicity to store more data.

Sp.Ranga said: (Nov 10, 2011)  
How please explain ?

Abhi said: (Dec 5, 2011)  
Total space in stack memory 0 to 7F.
7F means 127 in decimal.

So 0 to 127 means 128 locations

Suresh Vabanagiri said: (Dec 10, 2011)  
The uc has a total of 256 bytes of memory in which 128 bytes are allocated for the user defined purpose and the remaining 128 bytes are for the sake of sfr's.

Yaswanth said: (Jan 2, 2012)  
If we consider from 00H to FFH totally we have 272 decimal bit location. But in that the internal ram memory of microprocessor is up to 128 decimal locations. Remaining we consider as special function register memory.

Deep said: (Mar 8, 2012)  
SFR (Special Function Registers) are Acc, B, PSW, DPTR.

Acc is stored at 0E0H and B at 0F0H.

SFR are stored at 80H-FFH location.

Prashant Krishna Shinde said: (Jul 4, 2012)  
To avoid the confusion when we access the register or function, it is necessary that memories and registers have unique addresses and at the same time how the stack memory is used to load and store the contents of register/memory is also to be consider.

When we push on 8051 the address pointed by stack pointer reduces by one. And that will not affect the sfrs.

Juhi said: (May 24, 2014)  
Since internal RAM address range from 00h to 7fh so next memory location is 80h. SFR register have address range from 80h to ffh ie next 128 location.

Raj Sonawane said: (Jun 23, 2019)  
Only 20H to 2FH memory is bit addressable memory. We can bit address among them only.

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