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Data transfer from I/O to external data memory can only be done with the MOVX command.
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Mahes said:   6 years ago
Movx means 16 bit data is taken instead of 8 bit in mov instruction. Isn't?

Pooja said:   9 years ago
movx instruction is used for accessing the external data only because it is indirect addressing mode.

Bubli said:   9 years ago
movx instruction is used for external data.

Pradip rakshe said:   10 years ago
As per the GUI (graphical user interference) each controller has its own GUI Or designer use only that instruction in instruction set.

Vijay said:   1 decade ago
X represents external data therefore MOVX applicable only for external data memory.

Yaswanth said:   1 decade ago
MOVX is for accessing the external memory,

But MOV is not deals with external data.

Shruti said:   1 decade ago
MOVX instruction is used only if any data is worked upon I/O to a external memory connected to 8051

Ningaraj Yareseeme said:   1 decade ago
In micro controller there is only one external moving instruction...

Shalini said:   1 decade ago
MOV is used when data is to be transfered internally .
MOVX is used when there concern with external datas.

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